New Hairstyles for Men 2016

2016 Hairstyles for Men - Guys of now age are not behind the race in any field, whether it be clothing, hairstyles, fashion or makeover, they're at vanguard to show that they're also a trend geek that is huge.

# 21 Messy Hairstyle
{A look|A glance|A peek} that provides middle-aged {meant|designed|intended} to {achieve a|acquire a} younger look, it {features a|includes a|comes with a} sharp-gelled {hair|tresses|curly hair}. To set the {haircut|hair cut|new hair-do} gel and other products to make hair {lighter|lighter in weight|light} {are used|are utilized|are employed|are widely-used} and in such way {making it|which makes it|rendering it|so that it is} easy {to run|to operate|to perform} the fingers through {the hair|the head of hair} without messing it.

# 22 Textured Style
{This|This particular|This specific} cool style features medium length hair brushed {to the back|directly to the backside}. It gives the {thick|solid|thicker} Asian men's hair a pronounced appearance that is both sexy and {appealing|attractive|interesting}. Spotting facial short {hair|tresses|curly hair} is a great {enhancement|improvement|enlargement} to the style.

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